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August 2017  Classical guitarist and composer, Bruce Paine, will be writing an arrangement of his beautiful guitar composition, Seringapatam, for violin and guitar, which we plan to perform early next year. The work has wistful sounding melody set against a background full of references to Indian classical music, including the Tanpura-like fifths, improvisatory scale passages and contractions of rhythm. From the composer’s website: The non-anglicised version of the name is Srirangapatna, also spelled Shrirangapattana.  The music was specially composed by Bruce Paine for his music DVD Alberton (BNP DVD 01) which was inspired by the iconic 1863 homestead Alberton in Auckland New Zealand. The mixture of Scottish and Indian architectural styles of the house provided inspiration for the music.  The name Seringapatam was chosen because it was the birth place of the founder of Alberton, Allan Kerr Taylor born in 1832, the son of Lieutenant-Colonel William Taylor of the 39th Madras Native Infantry.

April 2017

The year started off with a bang – 5 concerts within the space of six weeks. We loved the cosy, relaxed mood of the upstairs of Third Eye Tuatara with its assortment of seats and nifty little stage. It was great to share the concert with the marvellous  ’Strike’ and voice/recorder duo, Rowena Bingham and Kamala Bain. Thank you chamber music New Zealand!

But the highlight had to be the concert in April in Hohepa, Christchurch, hosted by the guitar society. We loved the hall and most of all the warm and responsive audience. We loved playing for you! Thanks also to Alan Dixon and Paul Zdrenka from Plains FM 96.9 for interviewing us and playing Sarasate’s ‘Miramar’ from our CD, Incantation.

December 2016.

It has been a hectic and immensely varied year for Duo Tapas, with concerts as far south as Hokitika and as far north as Devonport, not to mention Beijing! Our recent concert in Devonport on November 13 was as enjoyable as ever. What a wonderful group of musicians. Thanks especially to conductor Warwick Robinson for expertly navigating the beautiful Thomas concerto with its ever changing metre, to concertmaster Helen and the rest of the orchestra for their sympathetic playing and of course to Roger Booth for his tremendous work in making it all happen.

Rogan Falla has written an eloquent review of the concert in the Devonport Flagstaff, December 9th.

Duo Tapas with the Devonport Chamber Orchestra

The recent concert of the Devonport Chamber Orchestra at Holy Trinity Church, Devonport on Sunday 13th November, featured Duo Tapas. This Wellington-based duo of Rupa Maitra (violin) and Owen Moriarty (guitar) has performed before in Devonport, both in solo recital and with the Devonport Chamber Orchestra. What a winning team, ably supported by the orchestra led by Helen Crook and conducted by Warwick Robinson!

Read the rest of the review by clicking:     or by looking in the reviews section of our website:




July 2016


Bach: Concerto in A minor for violin and orchestra BWV 1041

Giuliani: Concerto in A major for guitar and orchestra

Alan Thomas: Concerto for violin and guitar and orchestra (2009)

Duo Tapas and the Devonport Chamber Orchestra

13th November, 2016 at 2pm

Holy Trinity Church,
20 Church St, Devonport

We’re looking forward to playing our second concert with the Devonport chamber orchestra later this year. We’ll be playing not one but three concertos! That should keep us busy the next few months: Bach’s beautiful violin concerto in A minor, the virtuosic guitar concerto in A major by Giuliani, finishing with the concerto for guitar and violin by Alan Thomas. Originally written for flute, guitar and orchestra for the famed Cavatino duo, the concerto by Thomas reflects Spanish and Bosnian musical influences while telling a ‘life story’ from youth to old age. Read more about it here:

April 2016  Read review of our CD, Incantation, in the ODT classics section by Geoff Adams. Click on the link:

Incantation. Rupa Maitra (violin), Owen Moriarty (guitar). Ode CD



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March 2016 Read review of our recent St Andrews concert by Lindis Taylor in Middle C by clicking here: or see our ‘reviews’ page.

February 2016  Duo Tapas in China! Duo Tapa has been invited to play at the string-139 festival in Beijing, run by guitarw. They will perform several concerts between March 17 and 20. Check out our ‘China blog’ page to read about our trip. Click the link to check out the guitarw Facebook page:

October 2015 Revisiting the south island. We’re back to the south island in March 2016! Hokitika, Motueka and Blenheim, we’re coming your way! Check the coming events page for details.

August 2015

Read review in Middle C in the review section:

Duo Tapas: violin and guitar play winning St Andrew’s lunchtime concert

By , 05/08/2015

January 31 2015. Ian Dando reviews Incantation in the Listener (January 31 2015):

IAN DANDO reviews some summery sounds.

Owen Moriarty, arguably our best guitarist, and violinist Rupa Maitra have amazing flair for innovative music that has instant rhythmic appeal. The two tracks here by Bosnia’s Zaim Imamovié are a folk song apiece from Macedonia and Turkey, and both are rendered with an infectiously asymmetric vigour. Two works by North America’s Ian Krause have a distinct Middle Eastern folk flavour. Miramar by Spain’s Pablo Sarasate has a catchy presto 5/8 metre and a melody that soars well above the power lines with the highest of notes. Similarly, it’s asymmetric rhythmic angularity and piquant dissonances that drive two folkish works by Poland’s Marek Pasieczny. This is a strong buy for lovers of rare folkloric flavour with an asymmetric tang. INCANTATION, Duo Tapas (Ode).

September 2014. Our second CD, Incantation, is due to come out in a fortnight! It will be launched at our lunchtime recital at St Andrews on the Terrace on September 17. Thanks to your feedback, we have included the beautiful D minor sonata by Vivaldi and Lilburn’s Canzonetta. We LOVE the booklet that Catherine Oddie has designed for us. Watch this space!

Incantation cover
Catherine Oddie is a freelance designer-illustrator with a background in ceramics. She studied Design and Craft at the University of Brighton and upon graduation immediately got on a plane to Wellington where she has been for the past year. She became very personally involved with the artwork for Incantation, listening to Incantation and Firedance on repeat and reading reading Yegishe Charents’ poetry. “Combining the two sort of put me into inspiration overdrive, there was so much I wanted to do for the project and it was tempting to go overboard so I had to be very strict with myself and pare everything back. I did want to give a nod to Albanian culture and have tried to do this by bringing in the suggestion of Albanian textiles. Though there is such a strong feeling of New Zealand in the pieces that I wanted to connect the artwork to Wellington also. The textural backgrounds are from a mural in Island Bay and incorporate lovely vibrant colour landscapes which also bring to mind the colour of Charents’ poetry and his love for his home country.”

January 2014. Read all about our July 2013 tour on the Arts on tour page.  Check out our youtube channel for new uploaded recrodings.

We record our second CD  at the end of March. This will include more pieces by Almer Imamovic as well as the commissioned piece by Ian Krouse and some quirky and entertaining Polish Music by Marek Pasieczny. We’ll keep you updated on our progress.

July 2013. Click here to hear our interview with David Moriss about our upcoming tour:

June 2013. Please check out our coming events page for dates and venues of our Arts on Tour NZ concerts in July.

April 2013 Some exciting news: Ian Krouse, composer of the exquisitely beautiful Da Chara and Air, will be writing a new piece for Duo Tapas later this year! We hope to include it in our second CD.

Also, please check out the updated ‘Coming events’ page for our 2013.  We’ll be adding our Arts on Tour July schedule to this as soon as the dates and venues have been finalised.

And please do visit our website again in a few weeks time when the wonderful team at Crescendo will have updated our photo gallery (thanks to multi-talented Wellington photographer, Debbie Rawson) and added sound bites from our CD, Da Chara.

December 2012: Please come to our Christmas concert in Futuna Chapel in Karori on December 23rd. We will be playing some of our favourite repertoire as well as beautiful arrangements of Christmas carols. See the coming evens page for details.

We are planning to record another CD at the end of 2013 including more duos by Imamovic, as well as Bartok, Vivaldi and Lilburn! If there is any of our repertoire that you have heard in concert that you would like to see included, please email us using the contact form. We would love to hear your suggestions!

November 2012: Check out the reviews from our July concerts in Devonport and Wellington in the reviews section.

If you want to find out more about our NZ tour in July 2013 as part of arts on tour NZ, please visit:

June 2012. Duo Tapas is really looking forward to July 2013 when they will be touring NZ as part of Arts on Tour NZ! So please keep an eye out for us -we might be coming to your town! In the meantime, we have 6 concerts next month, as far north as Devonport and as far south as Timaru. Check out the coming events page.

May 2012. Eva Radich interviewed Rupa and Owen on Upbeat (Radio NZ concert) on March 21st. Listen to their interview here!

March 2012. It’s happened! Duo Tapas is excited to announce the release of their debut album, Da Chara! The CD features works by Ian Krouse, Anthony Ritchie, Almer Imamovic, Manuel de Falla and Porumbescu.

If you would like to buy a copy, please use the contact form and include your name and address. $25 plus postage and packaging. Alternatively, you may purchase the CD through one of the following websites: or

where you can see /listen to a sample of the tracks .

Da Chara

November 2011. Duo Tapas has had a fun and busy year so far, with 5 concerts in Wellington, Lower Hutt, Palmerston North and Devonport.  Their next project is to make a CD which will be released by Ode records in February 2012, in time for their first concerts of 2012, on March 7th at St Andrews on the Terrace and in Palmerston North on March 11th. The CD will feature works by Imamovic, Porumbescu, De Falla, Anthony Ritchie and Ian Krouse. Danica Prowse will design the CD cover and booklet.