Duo Tapas demonstrate purity of tone – Duo Tapas – Wellington guitar and violin duo
Duo Tapas
Duo Tapas
Duo Tapas

Duo Tapas demonstrate purity of tone

This week’s lunchtime concert at Marama Hall had me reminiscing (further back in time than I like to think) of a little girl call Rupa Maitra, who came to Saturday Morning Music classes, proudly carrying her quarter-sized violin.

Now with a career in pathology, Maitra is also a professional violinist, and has just released a CD with Wellington guitarist Owen Moriarty, who already has considerable international and local performing experience.

Together, they perform as Duo Tapas and their music gives one renewed appreciation of the beauty of melody and purity of tone.

Their opening number Da Chara (Gaelic for Two Friends), by North American composer Ian Krouse (1956-), was unmistakably traditionally Irish, as lingering melodies returned time and again with variations, to finally culminate in an energetic reel.

Anthony Ritchie’s 3 Pieces for Violin and Guitar (1996) re-scored especially for Duo Tapis, featured elements of folk intermingled with jazz, and sat well with this particular instrumental combination.

My favourite was Tomahawk Sonnet, an expression of grief, so musically passionate and nostalgic.

In 1992, Anthony Ritchie composed Pas de Deux as a sequence of five dances for two guitars. The duo delivered two dances, Prelude and Au Revoir, with fine interpretation while negotiating the rhythmic intricacies of this stronger more contemporary work.

Douglas Lilburn’s Canzonetta No.1 (arr. Moriarty) featured stunning violin lyricism, underpinned with regular chordal harmonies from guitar.

Traditional Macedonian folk music numbers by Bosnian composer Almer Imamovic were Jamilla’s Dance, which included a popular Bosnian love song, and JovanoJovanke, an exciting dramatic work with subtle flamenco, jazz and pop, but steadfastly upholding traditional elements of East European harmonies and fiery gypsy dance routines.

Written by Elizabeth Bouman.


Posted on April 26, 2013 @ 1:47 am