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Duo Tapas appetizing at Old St.Paul’s »

By Peter Mechen, July 24, 2012 Old St.Paul’s Lunchtime Concert Series Duo Tapas Rupa Maitra (violin) / Owen Moriarty (guitar) Music by PAGANINI, VIVALDI, SENENCA, SARATATE, GRANADOS and IMAMOVIC, Old St.Paul’s Church, Thorndon Tuesday July 24th 2012 Every now and then one hear something played at a concert which startles the sensibilities into momentary confusion. As when […]

Stringing Out a Perfect Day »

Where were the rest of you? The Devonport Chamber Orchestra (DCO) concert on Sunday 8th July featured a talented Wellington duo of guitar (Owen Moriarty) and violin (Rupa Maitra). Only sixty grown-ups and six juniors showed up – the rest of you missed it. Such a pity, you missed a treat. Being tolerably familiar wth […]

Duo Tapas demonstrate purity of tone »

This week’s lunchtime concert at Marama Hall had me reminiscing (further back in time than I like to think) of a little girl call Rupa Maitra, who came to Saturday Morning Music classes, proudly carrying her quarter-sized violin. Now with a career in pathology, Maitra is also a professional violinist, and has just released a […]

Duo Tapas return for more violin and guitar music »

By Lindis Taylor, March 7, 2012 Music by Krouse, Anthony Ritchie, Lilburn, Imamovic, Piazzolla, and Bartók St Andrew’s on The Terrace Wednesday 7 March, 12.15pm Duo Tapas has become a fairly familiar presence on Wellington’s chamber music circuit over the past couple of years, even though the combination of violin and guitar has not been a […]

Delightful lunchtime recital from violin and guitar »

By Lindis Taylor, July 26, 2011 (Middle C) Unfamiliar music for violin and guitar works charms Music by Almer Imamovic, Anthony Ritchie, Ciprian Porumbescu, and Ian Krouse Duo Tapas (Rupa Maitra – violin; Owen Moriarty – guitar) Old Saint Paul’s, Mulgrave Street Tuesday 26 July, 12.15pm A concert like this usually offers a variety of surprises: […]

Exotic Lunchtime Fare at Old St.Paul’s »

By Peter Mechen, September 7, 2010, Middle C. Duo Tapas Rupa Maitra (violin) / Owen Moriarty (guitar) de FALLA – Cinco Canciones Populares Espanolas / IMAMOVIC – Sarajevo Nights : Jamilla’s Dance PIAZZOLLA – Histoire du Tango / KROUSE- Da Chara Old St.Paul’s Lunchtime Concert Series Tuesday, 7th September, 2010 Something about the splendid ornateness […]